How to Measure a Caravan Awnings

Fiamma Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings are a fantastic and simple way to increase your living space, provide an area to relax, enjoy the scenery and protect your belongings from the weather elements. 

To make sure the purchase and assembly of your caravan awning is as stress free as possible, it's crucial to know how to measure, fit and look after your awning for it to keep looking good for years to come. 

How to Measure?

To make sure you purchase the correct awning that fits your caravan, you'll need to obtain the 'A' Measurement. The A Measurement is the distance from the ground up, all they war around the caravan's awning rail and back down to the ground. 

Where to Find? 

Locating your caravans instruction manual and find the A measurement will be a straightforward and simple process, as all the dimensions of the caravan will be included within. 

How to Measure - Step by Step

If you don't have the instruction manual to hand, you'll need to measure the caravan the old fashion way, with either a ball or string, a roll o 5mm rope and a tent peg. 

5 Simple Steps: 

Step One: Knock the tent peg into the ground parallel with the back edge of the awning rail directly under the caravan.

Step Two: Secure your measuring twine to the tent peg and begin to feed it through the awning rail, all along the caravan.

Step Three: Continue pulling your twine all the way to the ground, once it’s through the other side. It’s essential you account for this measurement to accommodate the full size of a modern caravan awning.

Step Four: Once you’re happy everything is secure, cut the twine as close to the ground where you finished measuring.

Step Five: Carefully remove the twine from the awning rail and measure it, ensuring you have the measurement in centimetres.

Does the awning have to be exact size? 

It's important to be as precise as possible, however not having the exact size doesn't matter as manufacturers make their products to fit a range of sizes. 

For Example, if your A measurement was 388cm, for certain manufacturers such as our Fiamma products you would opt for an awning size of 380, while it would be 400 with other manufactures. 

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