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What Should I Pack in my new Caravan?

What Should I Pack in my new Caravan?

If 2020 is the year you're going to get on the road with a new caravan, you may be wondering what kind of essentials you should take with you. 

For caravan owners, taking a kitchen sink is actually not so difficult. However, some of the more experienced caravanners will tell you there are some items you should not leave home without! But what are they?

Let's start with some essentials...

A good fire extinguisher. This is really something you should make sure you've got with you for health and safety reasons. It's surprising how many caravan or even camper owners that don't think of this! 

A caravan jack, towing mirrors, extra coolant and oil for the car, a spare fan belt (Yes this sounds extreme but it's actually something worth having), a towing aid (make sure it's fitted correctly) and some insulation tape. This item is actually useful for a whole host of things. 

One good rule of thumb is to simply think about those odds and ends that make ad-hoc jobs easy. Glue and string is something that's worth having too! 

These are the essentials. but there's a lot of other checks worth doing before you get on the road but how can you collate them? One particular site that offers a really good caravan and camper checklist is here. You'll find it covers everything from electrics right through to gas and mechanical and it should make life a little easier on your first trip out. 



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