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Alko Aks 3004 Caravan Stabilser

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Drive more relaxed with the caravan. The AKS 3000 safety coupling effectively suppresses any lurching and pitching movements of the trailer - even up to 3000 kg total weight.
A safety indicator shows whether the AKS is properly seated on the ball. An anti-theft device can easily be retrofitted.
Increases the critical driving speed (observe the permissible maximum speed. Complies with ISO 11555-1.
Approval of the maximum speed up to 100 km / h is possible.
How it works: By pressing the stabilizing handle, two friction linings are pressed from the left or right onto the trailer ball of the car and the stabilizing handle are separated from each other and both can be operated with one hand.
No cumbersome additional safeguards are required. The AKS 3000 does not have to be entered in the trailer documents in Germany.
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