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Alko Manoeuvreing Handle For 48Mm Shaft


Shunting assistance. For caravans and car-hanger of all kinds. Against loosing of the support wheel. Furthermore this shunting griff anticipates the loosing of the support wheel during ride if the locking lever is not tightened properly.
Mount: the AL-KO shunting griff will be easily mounted at the outer tube of the Ø 48 mm support wheel with four screws. The mounting height should be choosen so, that the security against a through slipping of the support wheel still is provided. (Don't mount too high!)

0,2 kg
All support wheels with Ø48mm outer tube.

Please note: This product comes directly from the manufacturer and therefore has a longer lead and delivery time of approximately 14 days.

SKU 214090   |   Barcode 4003718025552