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Caravan Hood Grey Protective Cover Winterproof Breathable

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Caravan Hood Grey Protective Cover Winterproof Breathable

Dimensions:  L 699 X  W 223 X H 218 cm
Protective hood winterproof
Water repellent
Prevents mould growth
Material: 160g SFS

Caravans are exposed to the weather - especially if the vehicles are parked outside. Precipitation and intensive sunlight, but also dust, dirt, bird droppings or tree resins leave their marks over time and not only affect the appearance of the vehicles but also their service life.
The paintwork of your vehicle remains well-kept and does not weather - and your upholstery fabrics in the interior are also protected from fading by a caravan cover. With this breathable protective cover, you protect your Caravan from UV-rays, mould, water, dirt, dust and other weather influences, with zippers on all corners for flexible opening on both sides.
SKU 302831   |   Barcode 4043729136717