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Cartamundi Card Game Alpha Zulu Word Game

Cartamundi Card Game Alpha Zulu Word Game

The totally mad shouty word game
Perfect family and party game
Random words spell out correct answers
First player to collect nine cards wins the game.
110 cards included

Alpha Zulu is a new type of card game where all the questions are super simple and every answer is so easy (even dad can answer them) so, why is it so hard to win a round or the game in this fast-thinking, quick-shouting word game where everyone brain will freeze?

Each round starts with a question: “what’s the colour of a London bus?” as soon as players have the answer in their head they can start flipping over the stop/go cards as quickly as they can. As soon as a player finds a go card they can start to shout out answers, players must now shout out a word (any word) that starts with the same letter as the first letter in the answer.
For example, if the answer is red the first letter is R and a correct answer could be rainbow (or any other word the begins with R)
Players then race to shout out a word for each letter of the answer and be the first to complete the answer, For example, As the answer is red A player might shout out rainbow, echo, dog. The winning player is the first player to collect 9 cards but, trying to think up new words whenever another player is shouting out words at the same time can give you brain fade.
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