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Fiamma F35 Awning 270 Grey - Deep Black Case


For your minivan, 4 x 4, utility vehicle or station wagon. Sturdy with anodized aluminium case and manual mechanism. Quick, easy installation and utilization. Fiamma F35 can be installed on any kind of can thanks to a variety of brackets that can be fixed on the wall or on the roof bars and rail. The installation and the removal from the roof-rack is very quick, thanks to the optional mounting kit without drilling.

Type of awning: Compact and lightweight. Secure inside its aluminium case.

Major benefits: Tubular rewind for wrinkle free appearance. Easy to use, excellent design.

Application: Suitable for minivans, 4 wheel drive and cars.

Hardware finish: Super lightweight anodized aluminium.

Fabric: Cool and cheerfull,  diffused lighting, exclusive, with bright colours on both sides. In ultra-resistant and waterproof vinyl. Colour: Deluxe Grey or Ocean Blue

Length: 180cm, 220cm, 250cm, 270cm and 300cm.

Standard Equipped: Ropes and hooks to secure it to the ground.

Optional: Brackets for installation on minivan or 4-wheel drive roof racks and wall installation. Blocker Caravanstore and Privacy Room CS Light.

Description Awning 
Length A
Length B
Max Height
From Ground D
F35 Pro 180 183cm 162cm 180cm 195cm 2.9 m2 8.5kg
F35 Pro 220 223cm 202cm 225cm 225cm 4.5 m2 10.5kg
F35 Pro 250 253cm 232cm 225cm 225cm 5.2 m2 11.5kg
F35 Pro 270 273cm 254cm 225cm 225cm 5.7 m2 13kg
F35 Pro 300 303cm 288cm 225cm 235cm 6.4 m2

SKU 300980   |   Barcode 8004815354640