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Reimo Tuffi Rear Campervan Tent Awning


Rear tent, perfect for your VW, small van or motorhomes. 

  •  When driving away with the vehicle, the tent can be closed completely. 
  • For connecting the tent with the vehicle the zip at the reverse side must be opened. 
  • Tuffi has space for 2 camp beds. 
  • Right side with semicircular door with PVC-window and blinds inside and can be opened half-sided. 
  • The opposite side is closed. 
  • Front with PVC-window with mosquito-net and blinds, totally removable. 
  • Material: tent fabric 100% polyester, steel frame.

Weight:  17.6kg

Product dimensions: 
210cm x 220cm x H 220 / 200cm