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Sikaflex 221i Grey


Sikaflex 221 is a versatile, stable and for many years proven in the automotive industry, polyurethane sealant that cures in connection with atmospheric moisture to form a so-called elastomer. 

Areas of application:Sika Flex 221 has a very wide variety of substrates. It is suitable for permanent, elastic and strong adhesive . compounds Here Sika is equally used as an adhesive and as a sealant. For use occurs in the following surfaces: . metals, wood, paint and primer (2-component basis), plastics and ceramics 

Benefits and features: sanding painted over 1 part non-corrosiveelastic odor silicone-free wide variety of substrates food law approved (NSF + Bedarfsgegenständeverordnung. 2002/72 / EC) 

SKU 214834   |   Barcode 7612894828351