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Sikaflex 252I Black

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  • Sikaflex 252i is a versatile, stable polyurethane sealant that has been tried and tested in the automotive industry for many years.
  • It cures particularly quickly in connection with air humidity to form a so-called elastomer.
  • Areas of application: Sika Flex 252i has a very wide range of adhesives.
  • It is suitable for permanent, elastic and very adhesive connections and is ideal for the assembly of high roofs.
  • Sika is used both as an adhesive and as a sealant.
  • It is used for the following substrates:
  • Metals, wood, paints, and primers (2-component basis), plastics and ceramics.
  • Advantages and product features: sanded paintable1-Component not corrosive lasticodor silicone-free wide range of adhesion approved under food law(NSF + Consumer Goods Ordinance. 2002/72 / EG)
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