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Sikaflex 521 UV White

  • Particularly short setting time!
  • Elastic, over paintable & grindable
  • short setting time! We use it for masking high roofs in the visible area on the outside.
  • 300 ml cartridge.
  • Elastic, strong, versatile, stable 1-component polyurethane hybrid sealant that cures with atmospheric moisture to form an elastomer.
  • It shows a wide range of adhesion and is suitable for an elastic, permanent, strong adhesive seal. Suitable substrates are wood, metals, primers and paintwork (2K systems), ceramic materials and plastics.
  • In the case of transparent substrates that are prone to stress cracking, object-related advice is necessary.
  • 1-component * aging and weather resistant * can be used on many substrates without pretreatment * elastic * can be overpainted * sandable * low odor * non-corrosive * high electrical resistance * VOC and solvent-free * silicone-free * PVC-free.
SKU 215307   |   Barcode 7611237142116