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Baltic Aqua Pro Red 50N Buoyancy Aid

The buoyancy of a lifejacket is measured in the Newton unit. A lifejacket must have sufficient buoyancy to keep the user's airways above the surface. The vests are divided into different classes depending on the amount of buoyancy, though the actual Newton's number may vary depending on the size of the vest.

Comfortable all-round buoyancy aid. The Aqua Pro has a front zip fastening with waistband, bottom and top tie.

Available in the following Sizes

30-50 KG (S)
50-70 KG (M)
70-90 KG (L)
90+ KG (XL)

Personal flotation devices with a buoyancy of 50N are called buoyancy aids. A 50N buoyancy aid will keep the user afloat by a good margin, but lacks a collar for head support. The buoyancy is more evenly distributed between front and back, consequently not ensuring to turn an unconcious user into a back position. Therefor a buoyancy aid is recommended for swimmers weighing 25kg an above.

All products in the Baltic range of flotation clothing are tested and approved according to the 50N standard.
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