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Hydro - Force Aluminium Sectional Oars

Sectional Aluminium Oar Set is a great answer to all oar and paddle sports this summer. Whether you're paddle boarding down the river or kayaking the coast, this oar is multi-functional, doubling up as a single oar or double blade paddle. A sturdy twist locking system means it's super easy to switch between single or double blade depending on what you're doing, whilst the aluminium construction is lightweight and eliminates rusting.
2 x (1.45m / 57") oars or 1 x (2.18m (86") twin blade paddle
Multifunctional Oar use as two oars or one paddle!
Great for all oar and paddle sports
Simple and easy to use
Lightweight and durable
SKU 304303   |   Barcode 6942138917987