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Renovo Vinyl Boat Cleaner Seats Covers 500ml


For cleaning and refreshing the appearance of vinyl boat covers and boat seats. Boat Vinyl Cleaner also helps to preserve the condition and prolong the life of vinyl covers and boat seats and in fact, any vinyl seats.

Boat Vinyl Cleaner please see Do's & Don'ts page before placing your order
Test on an inconspicuous area to ensure vinyl is colourfast dyed.
Use a clean paint brush or sponge to apply.
Leave Boat Vinyl Cleaner on for 10-20 minutes for general cleaning.
Leave Boat Vinyl Cleaner on for 40-60 minutes for stubborn dirt.
Wear protective gloves whilst applying.
Allow to dry before applying Marine Vinyl Ultra Proofer.
Use every 6-12 months.
Use on canvas boat covers.
Use a power jet wash to clean a vinyl boat cover
Apply in direct sunlight.
Forget to shake the bottle prior to use.
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